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When Peter and Christian Talk, Everyone Listens


A native of Germany who lived on the American West Coast, Peter Thiel was one of the founders of PayPal (replacing Elon Musk), and also one of the first to see the economic potential of Facebook. His 10% stake ($500,000) back in 2004 made him a billionaire eight years later.

Thiel is today back in his homeland after several other investment adventures, and is one of the prominent donors of a €125 million venture capital fund for German high-tech companies.

Thiel joins another successful start-up investor, Christian Angermayer, with Elevat3 Capital. Christian has already invested in a large number of startups with his Apeiron Investment Group (a family office located in Malta), and close to 40 companies from his portfolio have already gone public. He was also instrumental in brokering a deal between SoftBank and Wirecard, which netted him a nice €13 million for his work.

Christian and Peter have worked together before, becoming the first large outside investors for Fintech Deposit Solutions.

Their new venture, Elevat3 Capital will continue to focus in the area of technology, i.e. artificial intelligence, space technology, internet security, biotech, blockchain and fintech. Peter Thiel collected €100 million from international family offices in just two weeks.

Angermayer laid the foundations for his assets with the biotech company Ribopharma in 2000, and already has in his portfolio two of the most successful German spacetech companies, Mynaric and Isar Aerospace.

Can Thiel and Angermayer be as successful in Germany as they have been in other parts of the world? Other investors also include Deutsche Bank’s supervisory board Alexander Schütz and the Swiss Armada Investment.

The operational business of Elevat3 Capital will be managed by Thomas Hanke and Dr. Marlon Braumann.

Venture Capital investing might not be so difficult, with these two leading the way.